My new book, The Lockdown Diary of Tom Cooper, is out this week (or 12 weeks ago, if you’re reading this in February), and is available from Waterstones, Amazon (for the ebook at least, they’ve already sold out of stock with the pre-orders), and if you’d like a signed copy, direct from www.marottebooks.com!

It follows Tom as he deals with the Coronavirus, his kids in tow, and is without doubt the funniest lockdown book ever released. Definitely with a blue cover.

If you read any of the work-in-progress instalments that I released during the lockdown itself, there is a lot of new content here – it’s now a full book!

Thanks to all the people who supported me as this was being released, having a thousand people reading along certainly helped me keep going!

I’ve also just finished another (non-comedy) novel has just gone out to editors, but I’ll be publishing that under a different pen-name – keeping ‘Spencer Brown’ for the comedy. If you want to be informed when it comes out, join the mailing list, as that’s the only place I’ll be letting people know I actually wrote it.  Probably.


If you want to see someone reviewing my book on their blog every day for eleven days, here’s where you can do it:


My first novel, The Rebuilding of Tom Cooper came out in paperback and ebook on September 19th 2020. It’s available in Foyles, Waterstones and all good independent bookshops (as well as Amazon). It’s a sort of Bridget Jones for men and contains a hell of a lot of jokes. Here are some things people have said about it:

‘Spencer Brown is endlessly inventive and delightfully, dependably silly, like a joy seeking missile’ Richard Ayoade

‘A gloriously self aware satirical romp through the terrors of relationships, family life and survival.  Philip Roth meets Cold Feet’ Helen Lederer

‘Hilarious and heartwarming’ Andi Osho

‘Very funny.  Peep Show combined with Outnumbered.  But, you know. In a book.’ Josh Howie

‘Is there a term for chick lit for men?  If so, this is it. Tom Cooper is an aspirational figure for the men of today’ Omid Djalili

It’s been great seeing copies of my book in the wild! Here I am signing in Foyles London:

So far, it’s hit the top 5 on Amazon’s literary satire chart, and featured in a number of Christmas gift guides:

But don’t just look at what the celebrities and bloggers had to say.  Here are some reviews from Amazon:

‘I can honestly say I have not read a book that made me laugh out loud quite so much in a very long time. Avoid reading this book in public places.’

‘Packed with jokes, possibly a world record?’

‘Funniest book ever!’

‘Truly laugh out loud funny! I started reading it on the bus was laughing so much I had to stop until I got home.’

‘Absolutely hilarious’

You get the idea.

I’ve just finished the first draft of my new book – so join the mailing list if you want to be kept informed!

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