What Is A Pre-Servicing Agreement

Once the maintenance contract is signed and all titles are submitted by the developer and approved by the city, the engineering office will inform the territorial planning that the engineering requirements have been met and that, if necessary, final approval by the Commission and approval of subdivision by the licensing officer may take place. Below are important documents relating to the city`s statutes and regulations relating to the rural development process as well as other reference materials related to the Servicing Site. After provisional layout approval, the A engineering Land Development site maintenance process can be initiated if the developer pays the processing fee and, if applicable, the application fee for erosion s and sediment control (ESC). If necessary, a pre-meeting of the project manager for the city`s development services can be agreed with the developer engineer before the project drawings are submitted by the developer for verification by the city. A request for such a meeting can be made through the Department of Regional Development. The final step in the process is to prepare the maintenance contract, which is the contract between the city and the developer, which defines the work and services required for the project and commits. This maintenance agreement includes legal and financial obligations related to the project. The city`s rural development process is based on the city`s planning statutes and criteria, the authority of which is provided for by provincial legislation. The following checklists and templates must be completed for a project scoping submission: to give final approval to a particular project, the signed maintenance contract must be returned to the city`s technical department, with all costs and related financial documents. Once the scope of the project is complete, the developer engineer can move on to the project`s notching phase. Detailed design tasks for the project will be dealt with at this stage.

A detailed summary of processes and procedures for the development of engineering surfaces, including usable standard forms, can be accessed in the Country Development Engineering Customers Manual (Word doc). The engineering process of the development land can be divided into the following phases: The scoping phase of the project is intended to define the scope of off-site engineering work and services as well as the corresponding legal documentation requirements related to the evolution of the themes. The scoping submission must reflect the requirements set out in the inter-office memo (if any) and in the country`s development review (if any). . Depending on the size of a particular project, it may be necessary to cover other requirements/processes before entering into or concluding the maintenance contract. These include: . After checking the design of the project, the designer forwards the project drawing package and the developer`s lawyer the draft legal documents for verification by the city. Once the project and the legal requirements are accepted, the city prepares and issues the maintenance contract that provides for the construction and service work necessary for the final approval of the final permit construction work and the financial guarantees necessary for off-site work. Check the phases of the building land development process.

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