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For more information on company names, trade names and legal names, please visit the website: www.business.gov.au/registrations/register-a-business-name/business-name-trading-names-legal-names. If a business owner wishes to work under a name other than the legal name of the company, he or she may use a business name instead. The signature block should start with the one that approves the contract. If it`s Miff Company of Boston, the signature block should start like this. If it is a person, the signature block starts with that person`s name. This is how the Uffelhoop contract should be formulated: these signature blocks start with the names of the contractors, then follow the proof of the agreement (an effective signature), then the documentation of the person who is part of the signature and the status of that person with the contractor. What you call your business can cause or break the success of your business. Of course, there are many things that play a role in the success of your business. But the name of your company is certainly a key element. We have recently seen suppliers who refer their client to a thinking entrepreneur (z.B Bob`s Fruit) – whether the customer has actually registered a business with the same name (. B bob`s Fruit Pty Ltd) as well as a company name as an individual contractor with the principal of the company (z.B Bob Smith, who acts as Bob`s Fruit). The client is then free to argue that he entered into the contract as a company – or as an individual contractor – regardless of the position that is most favourable to him. If you use the name of your company or the name of a company with which you sign a contract, the exact name must appear on the company`s birth certificate.

Suppose Miff Company was established as Miff Company Inc. of Boston. That would be his legal name. It is possible to have a different legal name than the one under which your business manages the business. For this to be legally binding, it is often necessary to submit a notification to the state in which the company does business to indicate the actual name of the company, but the company does business under another name. These are generally referred to as “DBA bids,” which is an acronym for “transactions like” If your company operates under a name other than its legal name, the contracts it enters into must indicate the legal name of your business, followed by the DBA as Miff Company Inc.

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