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Section 759. The deposit is obliged to keep the property as collateral and to be as concerned as much as a person would take ordinary caution from his own property. Security can be taken by mortgages, mortgages or business guarantees. Here are some important types of assets that can be placed as collateral: Section 752. Where an instrument issued to a designated person that is not transferable by the landing is mortgaged, the pledge is indicated on that instrument and cannot be established against the debtor in the context of such an instrument or a third party, unless it is communicated to that debtor. – 4. A mortgaged property must be given to the pawnbroker, either effectively or constructively. Although mortgages, mortgages, mortgage bonds, business documents or loan guarantees are legally transferred when loans are granted, a new innovation requires the approval of the third-party security provider for the transfer of collateral. In the case of a mortgage and commercial security, it is generally recommended to register with the competent authority the change of beneficiary of the mortgage and commercial security after the transfer or transfer. Section 755. If a right is mortgaged, it cannot be extinguished without the consent of the pledgeee or changed to the violation of the order. One of the greatest advantages of using a security deposit is that the lender can take the above steps without having to take legal action against the borrower beforehand. However, for the promise to be enforceable, all of the following legal requirements must be met: Section 754.

Where the mortgaged right is due before the expiry of the undertaking for which it is acting, the debtor of that right must provide the bankrupt with the property that is the subject of the right and is mortgaged in lieu of the mortgaged right. Consignation: a collateral is a contract by which the pawn gives the pledge of personal property as collateral for the performance of an obligation which, in this situation, is an obligation to repay a loan. Pawned property includes equipment, shares, bank accounts and other personal property. – 1. A directive is considered only as an agreement incident to the main agreement. Section 761. Unless the contract is otherwise required, the pledgee, if the pawning procedures are legitimate fruits or fruits, must use them to pay any interest owed to him and, in the absence of interest, to pay the principal of the guaranteed obligation.

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