Integration Agreement Italy

If, after 3 years, the number of points is less than 30, equal to or less than zero, the agreement is considered partially unfilled or unfilled. Such a condition may, under certain conditions, lead to the withdrawal of the residence permit or the refusal of extension and removal. This agreement is fundamental to obtaining a residence permit and to be able to renew it. Who must sign the agreement? All foreign nationals who come to Italy for the first time, are over 16 years old and apply for an annual visa must sign the agreement. Compliance with the agreement is measured in appropriations. After the signing of the agreement, the candidate is selected to participate in an information meeting on civil life in Italy. This is done within 90 days and allows the applicant to have 16 credits. If the foreigner does not participate in this session, he loses 15 credits. If you apply for the residence permit you apply for from the prefecture or the police prefecture, you will be asked to sign the agreement. You will be able to read it in your own language and you will receive a copy to keep. What do you say when you sign the integration contract? Signing commitments are 5:1. know the basic principles of the Constitution of the Italian Republic as well as the organization and functioning of Italian public institutions (.

B for example, political elections, government, chamber of deputies, town hall, regions, etc.); 2. Italian, at least until phase A2 (see common European framework); 3. Do you know about civil life in Italy, i.e. the health system, school education, social services, work organisation, the tax system, etc. Send children who comply with the rules of compulsory schooling to school; 5. Declare the approval of the Charter of the Citizens of the European Union and the values of integration. For each of these obligations, there are “points,” that is, a specific number to be reached in order to obtain a residence permit. Only the following courses can issue the necessary certificate for integration The integration agreement is an agreement between the Italian state and foreigners when they first arrive in Italy, where the Italian government declares itself ready to support the process of integration of foreigners and foreigners in order to achieve specific integration objectives.

This agreement is based on the definition of integration as a process of promoting the assimilation of foreigners in Italy. Please remember, this is a person`s experience, and if I learned something in Italy, can and do “things” vary depending on where you are in Italy and who you are talking to. Some people who are filing my Permesso applications have alluded to the contract specifications applied when applying for a Carta di soggiorno, a (permanent) authorization for an extended stay – and available only after the end of your fifth year in Italy. As I am generally vigilant when it comes to following the rules, I am happy to have planned the “letter of the law” because that is what happened. You can talk to someone else who has had a different experience than me, but I urge you not to bet on the requirements of the treaty.

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