Innkeeper`s Agreement

In fact, I went to court in Edmonton because I thought the RTA applied, the owner thought it was not, and perhaps applied to the Inn Keepers Act… We never arrived until the judge made a decision on the act that was applied, since we agreed before, but the judge first said it could take a few years, and that was the regional court`s case. We were in court almost exclusively with property and accommodation. I don`t remember the exact name I`m afraid of. I don`t have a lease and my landlord lives with me. She told me 24 hours to move because I refused to share my room with a stranger. Can she? Instead, you should see a different type of rental or rental contract more designed for roommates or room rentals. Fortunately, I`ve compiled a package that explains what you need and how you use it. Goods placed within these limits by the traveller are “infra hospitium”, and except by prior abuse of the law and to the extent that such a notification works, the innkeeper cannot limit his absolute liability for them. He cannot get out of a special contract beyond his strict responsibility.

[165] Do you have any ideas on how I should proceed (except to say that I should always have a written agreement and from there take a security deposit in. :)). I want to respect them and treat them fairly if I do not see the situation clearly — please enlighten me. Hello, I have a question. In early December, I signed a month-to-month contract under the Alberta innkeeper`s law with a gentleman I thought was the owner of the house. It turns out that the person with whom I signed the contract was not really the owner, but in fact all the rooms in the house were sublet and did not live in the house. The landlord himself is now trying to dislodge the alleged landlord (the gentleman with whom I signed an agreement) because that person did not pay the rent owed to the landlord. The owner himself wants to reach a new agreement with all the people in the house after a hearing on January 13. My question is: to whom do I have to pay the January rent? Since the gentleman with whom I signed the contract act does not live in the house, does it suck? You most likely have a verbal agreement on the spot and although it does not cover to share your room with a stranger, it would be implied.

Plus, she really needs a good reason to drive you away. But she could still chase you, and you could fight him in court and maybe win, but in the meantime, you`d get out of the field, you`d live somewhere else and you wouldn`t really want to go back. Hello. I have a brief question and I cannot find any information about it. I have a tenant who rents a room at my house, so I stick to the law inn Keepers. In any case, he says he moves from the 23rd, but he thinks he doesn`t have to give a month`s notice. He is currently under a 30-day contract, so he must inform me in my soul and conscience. Am I right or is he? Thanks in advance for the reply. I have a problem with my current owner, who is my uncle`s new friend. I rent a bedroom and share bathroom/kitchen/living room. There is no signed agreement, but I paid the rent of $700 each month on time. I have just moved from Saskatchewan to Alberta, and I am in a remote relationship.

Sometimes my partner will stay for 2 nights during the visit, and we usually travel all day when he is visiting. Lately, everything has blown up in my face, because the owner started complaining a week ago about inhuman things, as if you rent it every month and he violated the agreement, you shouldn`t have a problem keeping the rent if you prefer.

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