Collective Agreement Psac Family Related Leave

We were all components of the Alliance. We were older women, younger women, francophones, anglophones, lesbians, women with disabilities, Aboriginal women and women of color. For the first time, women of all races and backgrounds are collectively fighting to recognize the value of our work. 34.07 Where an employee is discharged: “My father-in-law needs immediate and temporary medical care, so I will take family leave for the day to provide that care.” 12.01 Appropriate place on newsletters in appropriate locations, including e-newsletters, if available, the Alliance will be made available to the Alliance for the publication of official alliance releases. The Alliance strives to avoid requests for publication of notices that the employer could reasonably consider to be detrimental to its interests or the interests of its representatives. The publication of communications or other documents is subject to prior employer approval, with the exception of communications relating to Alliance affairs, including the names of alliance representatives, and social and recreational events. Such an authorization should not be unduly upheld. If the employer terminates or changes a leave that has previously been authorized in writing or calls a worker back during a leave, the employer reimburses the worker for the non-refundable portion and/or non-refundable payments of leave contracts and reservations made by the worker for that period, subject to the presentation of documents that the employer may request. The employee must make every reasonable effort to reduce these losses. 50.02 On the written request of the worker and with the employer`s consent, work leave with remuneration may be granted for one of the activities described in point 50.01. The worker is not compensated under section 28, overtime and section 32 during the period provided for in this article.

A part-time worker earns sick leave credits of one-quarter (1/4) of the number of hours during a worker`s normal work week for each calendar month in which the worker was paid for at least double the hours during the worker`s normal work week. Note: This corresponds to 20% (7.5 hours of 37.5 hours, 8 hours of 40 hours or according to the provisions of the collective agreement) spread over the three reasons, not 20% for all reasons. A.4 Recognition of family responsibilities and family life must be extended in the workplace and in society. Together with the CLC and other unions, we must resume the public debate on the need for reduced working hours without loss of pay. The campaign for a shorter work week needs to be relaunched. We need to include in our negotiating requirements the need for a shorter work week and flexible and compressed schedules. 14.06 If the company`s requirements permit, the employer grants a worker who: A.3.4 The negotiation of UIC benefits for parental leave and sick pay for maternity, paid leave. 17.05 Any document or written statement relating to disciplinary action that may be recorded in an employee`s personal file is destroyed at the end of a period of two (2) years after the disciplinary action has been obtained, unless new disciplinary measures have been recorded during that period.

18.16 If it turns out that the complaint is such that a decision cannot be made below a certain level of authority, all levels, with the exception of the final level, may be eliminated by the agreement of the employer and the employee and, if necessary, of the Alliance.

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