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The opening date is the date on which the negotiation process can begin. Each party may enter into negotiations from 60 days before the expiry of the collective agreement. 4. Where a trade union council designated as a collective bargaining agency for a given collective bargaining agreement wishes to include on its board, for the next collective bargaining, a trade union itself designated as a workers` bargaining agency, it shall send to the Minister and to any trade union council designated as a workers` bargaining agency information containing the information that the Minister may provide by regulation. 2017, c. 3, see 9. (3) The social partners are the school authority and the negotiator. and (1) the name of the trade union council to which the trade union belonged in the last round of collective bargaining. (3) In this Act, centralised bargaining covers collective bargaining between an employers` bargaining agency and a workers` bargaining agency, with the inclusion of central terms in a collective agreement between a school authority and a negotiator. You can also access a PDF version once you have selected the link to your respective collective agreement. 7.

Where central or local terms of a collective agreement are laid down by arbitration proceedings, the collective agreement may take effect only when the decision of the arbitrator or arbitration body is final and the other central conditions and, where applicable, the local terms referred to in paragraph 6 have been ratified and approved. A number of collective agreements apply to employees of the board of directors. The NZSTA participates in negotiations with the Ministry of Education, the relevant trade union and other stakeholders, as well as other related issues that have a direct impact on all school staff. 47 The Crown may enter into agreements or undertakings that the Crown believes have extended the agreements as an ancillary activity to recent amendments to the School Collective Agreements Act, 2014. . . .

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