Ckc Non Breeding Agreement Form

Please note that the person who initially registered the dog as non-breeding or had such a restriction registered cannot waive his or her right to be a party to a subsequent termination of the non-breeding contract. If CKC has received the required fee and cancellation form duly signed, a new full certificate will be issued to the owner. Does the buyer of a non-breeding dog receive a certificate? Yes. The buyer receives, through the breeder/seller, a special certificate of restricted non-breeding of registration. How is this done? The non-breeding contract (concluded in three copies) is signed by both the buyer and the seller at the time of sale. The original copy of the agreement is sent to the CKC together with the application for registration. There are no fees other than the low registration fee. Can a non-breeding contract be terminated? Yes. The non-breeding contract has been revised so that the necessary consent for the cancellation of the contract can be obtained between the party that initially required the dog to be transferred in accordance with the non-breeding agreement and the registered owner at the time of cancellation. When a non-breeding dog is transferred by the party that originally acquired the dog as a non-farmed animal, the buyer and seller must enter into the required non-breeding contract.

However, the seller may either continue to require that his consent be obtained for a subsequent termination of the contract, or he may waive his right to be involved. In both cases, the seller`s intentions must be indicated in the corresponding section of the revised form. Regardless of the number of cancellation forms that can be guaranteed to terminate a non-breeding contract, a tax must be paid by the party requesting the cancellation. Use this form to report a change in your mailing address. It can be sent by post, e-mail or fax. Upon receipt, your mailing address will be updated in your account. What do the above requirements mean? Essentially, they prohibit the breeding of the particular dog mentioned on the form. If the dog is raised intentionally or otherwise, the offspring resulting from this breeding must not be presented as purebred or classified as purebred in the C.K.C records. It is also important to understand that if the buyer subsequently sells this dog, it cannot be transferred to a new owner unless a second non-breeding agreement signed by him and the new owner is made available to the CKC with the request for transfer of ownership and transfer fee…

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