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The EPA creates new opportunities for European farmers and food producers, while fully protecting the EU`s interests. Thanks to the agreement, 211 quality food and beverages from the EU (“geographical indications”) can now be sold in Japan under their own name and are protected against counterfeiting. Example: the conclusion shows that variables X and Y are related. Some commentators suggest that the precedent set by this agreement could have a historic impact on the EU`s future economic policy. The idea of a joint loan at EU level by the European Commission on behalf of member states would have been unthinkable before the pandemic and certainly largely unpopular. 1 February 2020 marks the first anniversary of the entry into force of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the EU and Japan. In the first ten months after the implementation of the agreement, EU exports to Japan increased by 6.6% compared to the same period of the previous year. This exceeds the growth of the last three years, which averaged 4.7% (Eurostat data). Japanese exports to Europe increased by 6.3% over the same period. Phil Hogan, Commissioner for Trade, said: “The EU-Japan trade agreement benefits citizens, workers, farmers and businesses in Europe and Japan. Openness, trust and commitment to established rules contribute to sustainable trade growth. The EU is and remains the largest and most active trading bloc in the world. The EU is a trustworthy bilateral partner for more than 70 countries with which we have the largest trade network in the world.

The agreement also provides better conditions for service providers, greater mobility for company staff and a framework for the mutual recognition of professional qualifications. The word “agreement”, when it refers to a grammatical rule, means that the words used by an author must correspond in number and gender (if any). For more details on the two main types of chords, see the subject-verb chord and the pronoun agreement. Michel`s comments reflect the importance of the agreement for the EU. For weeks, politicians in EU Member States have been sceptical about the creation of an agreement on subsidies and the conditions of the rule of law. This has raised fears that negotiations will be postponed for several months in view of a watered-down agreement or even an agreement. . . .

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