Published on April 17, 2015,


If you’re wondering why there are no stand-up dates on the site at the moment, it’s because I’ve been busy rehearsing for/previewing a new play that I’m in. You should come and see it.

The play’s called Stand and is at the Battersea Arts Centre for three weeks from Monday 20th April to Saturday the 9th of May at 7.30pm. There are a few days without shows, so probably best to get more details from the BAC website:

We’re also doing dates at Bristol Mayfest the following week and there are dates in Ipswich, Edinburgh and Glasgow at the start of June – check out for details.

The play is the work of the excellent writer/director Chris Goode (although it’s a verbatim piece so structurer/director might be better). It’s about political activism and, apart from my contributions, is excellent.

There should be a lot of press on it in the next few weeks. If I get my finger out, I’ll try to blow the dust off my oft neglected twitter feed and put up some links.

It also looks like I’m going to be playing the lead in a new feature film soon too – more info over the next few weeks when the contracts are done and dusted. In related news, the first feature I starred in The Devil went down to Islington should be seeing the light of day later this year so fingers crossed I’ll be appearing on a cinema screen by the end of the year.

If all goes to plan there will also be a few short films I’m directing done by the end of the year too. All will probably not go to plan.


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