Published on July 21, 2014,

This is what my face looks like now.

After an absence of 8 years, I’m returning to the Edinburgh festival with a brand new stand up show.  It’s not a “best of”, so unless you’ve watched me over the last 4 months you won’t have seen any of it before.  Exciting huh?

It’s different to my old stuff.  Over the last 6 months or so, I’ve been undergoing a bit of a reinvention.   I’m really proud of all my old stand-up – the album, the specials and the 1000s of shows I’ve done, but I feel it has sort of run its course.  My aim was always to be as fake as possible on stage to highlight the contrivance of the act of stand-up (What? And I didn’t break the mainstream with that!!!?!).  I was trying to walk a fine line between being funny and being a guy who thought he was funny, which I think is pretty funny.   Of course, with the harsh realites of the stand-up circuit edges get knocked off, and maybe its not so clear to the world what you’re trying to do and people make comments like – he’s good and everything, but it’s like he thinks he’s really funny.  Which maybe should have put me off doing it.   But it was pretty funny.

Anyway – I’ve started again – and now I’m onstage just as me.  Interestingly,  I’ve found this “me” bears a pretty striking resemblance to the persona I was previously adopting – same voice, face, many similar mannerisms.  But the nice thing is I can let go now and not worry about an “aesthetic” and just go all out to make people laugh.   Anyway – why don’t you come along and see if you still like it?   I’m really proud of the new show.  I think it’s meaningful and funny and occasionally a little bit emotional.   Hope you can make it.   Don’t worry – I do still make stupid faces.   And now I do them with a beard.

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