Published on July 15, 2014,

You’re probably wondering if my short film I made two years ago ever happened.  It did, and you can see it on Channel 4 next Monday July 21st at 12 midnight.

Apologies for not being up to date with news – I’ve been busy trying to make stuff and absolutely didn’t lose the password to this website or anything as ridiculous as that.   The film has been going really well and won quite a few awards – the Melies D’argent at its premiere at Razor Reel in Bruges, Best Short at Misfits Film Festival, and the Oscar qualifying Best of Fest at St Louis International Film Festival.  We’ve also been selected for festivals around the world including short shorts in Japan, which is pretty cool.  If you want to get a taste of the film – here’s a link to a work-in-progress trailer.  It’s got me doing the voice over – the proper one has Steven Berkoff – but this will hopefully wet your appetite for Monday:

The good news is I’ve also got a production company for my feature Shut Eye, which we’re hoping to shoot next summer.   That’s what I’ve been doing for a year and a half I guess – I wrote that – finished making this.  Oh, and I’ve written a  new stand-up show.  More of that to follow .

There: 21 months done in a single post.  Why do people bother doing these regularly?

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