Published on October 3, 2012,

Just to let you know my new short film, The Boy With A Camera For a Face, now has shooting dates!  It’s a 10 minute comedy about a boy that is born with a camera for a head, and shows his full life story from awkward child to reality TV star.  It’s based on a poem I’ve done on stage a few times, so you may know even more!   We’ve got a great team on board – Chris Moon is DP (here’s his vimeo channel) and Ollie Tiong (from The Devil Went Down to Islington/Tower Block) is the Art Director.  It’s shooting 3rd-7th November, and we’re currently getting the rest of our crew together, so if you are or know a film professional who would like to get involved send your cv to and we’ll make sure someone has a look at it.  If you just want to watch it, hopefully there should be a trailer/news on screenings later in the year.

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